Children, Youth & Adults = The SOCIETY


Čičmanci (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On this post , I though about talking  about the society in general. We all know that  it is formed by Human beings ,not necessarily animals because it is difficult for them to express themselves or their feelings.

The society includes people of different ages , minds, personalities, regions and different colors or skin.

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Children : They are the most precious being that any one of us could ever dream to have. I understand that there are people who don’t have that feeling, but those who have got  children could tell you how much they mean in their LIFE. Every one of us have been through that stage, and every one was dreaming of having great parents. Unfortunately, there are realities in life that are even worst, painful or really bad, for example when a child looses his /her parents at a very young age!! That follows and influences him/her in the entire life. If you have great parents who care about you and your well being, be happy and celebrate it!! But if you do not have parents, stay strong, keep up you hope as well as your faith because you do not have another choice and make sure to be the best parent in the future.

The Youth : We are the power, the strength and we can make a change in the whole world. This means , when we have that young age , full of generosity, flexibility, power ,a sharp mind and the capacity of doing and achieving what we want to, this is a great time to start being the right person that any one could think of talking to, listening to, doing business with or exchanging ideas with.

Costa Rica children

Costa Rica children (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I think every one did experience having a good time with friends or family and feels  how great it is when there are no conflicts among them, and some times there are friends or family members who can give you bad times and who can even make you suffer for a long time in your life  and make you regret  to get to know them. Fortunately there are those ,whom you meet along your LIFE and say ” wow” !! It is not only one person or two, no, they are many with different quality,talent etc…So my advice is :” when you meet GREAT and UNIQUE people, make sure you spend as enough time as you want with them if they feel the same, and if you meet bad or dangerous people , make sure you spend as less time as possible and avoid them and their company immediately ,you know why ? Don’t let them ruin your mind or west your important time.

Adults : The adult can be considered as the DIRECTION, the reason I am saying this is that ,they have been through all LIFE’s stages, so if they are good, they will show and direct us ,I mean their children, which way to use,some times which word to speak , whom to listen to and help us build our future.

Any way, just to end this topic, I think it is easy to be ourselves and behave like human beings, don’t do something to some one that you think it can also harm you when some one else does it to you.

Let us be free and enjoy every second of our LIFE, because it truly hurts to feel lonely, sad , angry , stressed etc ….


Life helps people to admire,love,appreciate,meet and get together,but it is our choice to choose which way to use

Young couple with baby.

Young couple with baby. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It has been quite a while without exchanging ideas, actually that is also part of life, because we never know what comes next, there are always some up and downs.

Life is a precious gift. Don't waste it being ...

Life is a precious gift. Don’t waste it being unhappy, dissatisfied, or anything else you can be (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Any way, LIFE as I many times write it with a capital letter, it is a precious thing,we can take it for granted or not, it is up to us to decide either to use the right way or the wrong way. In daily life,we face many things, we meet many people bad or good and we choose whom to be with . First, when we are still young our parents take care of almost every thing we need except for those who don’t have them or those who their parents are jut careless,but when we get older,no matter where we were born or where we live , we all face the REALITY of LIFE and that means, our parents start to get tired of us when we are just staying at home ,some times because we do not have a job or when their have many responsibilities, I mean many children to take care of or even when they are very old and want some one who can help them. It is understandable, that is the reality, one day we have to take care of ourselves and some times take care of others .


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In this journey which  I think is even longer than the one we have been through with our parents, we have to work hard to get what we want, some people have to struggle the succeed and the good thing is that, when we truly work hard, believe in ourselves , fight for what we want,love what we to , trust and follow our heart, LIFE can be amazing, we can have as much fun as we want, go any where you want to go and do anything you want to do. The bad thing is that we can be ignorant ,careless,make bad decision and choose what is not right , and still in our journey we will pay for it,we will suffer for it an some times make others suffer for our mistakes,crimes or our ignorance.

So let us choose good company to be with, let us make great decision that will help us in this long journey as well as our family and the whole world. I cannot end this post without mentioning that: ” There are rare and UNIQUE people we meet for a very short time in LIFE,but become very important and mean a lot in our lives”, so don’t take such people for granted, they can change your life.

Happy new YEAR!!! How will we celebrate??

English: Christmas Eve in Bulgaria Български: ...

English: Christmas Eve in Bulgaria Български: Бъдни вечер (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Religion Stencil

Religion Stencil (Photo credit: murdelta)

English: Fireworks over Copenhagen the night b...

English: Fireworks over Copenhagen the night before New Year’s Eve (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I always ask myself ” why does everybody celebrate on Christmas eve or new year’s eve”? Is there any thing behind it? Never mind, my point is this; will you celebrate? Why will you do so?

Many people do celebrate including myself ,but differently, some are in churches, mosques, temples or other religious places, others are meeting in parties, night clubs, bars or restaurants and some others are just at home sleeping, watching a TV show as though nothing is special,just like any other day.I mostly at home when some people are out there waiting for the fire waxes at mid night,what I do is , praying, I am not very religious because I do not go to church or mosque etc, I used to but now after some times being religious and always thinking about who is right and who is wrong,after being through many situations in life,I realized that ” A HUMAN BEING IS JUST A HUMAN BEING”,what one is different to the other is their behavior ,attitude, hope, care, positiveness, brightness,smartness, and other positive act in the society no matter who you are or where you are from.

Now my religious point of view is different. I believe in GOD ,because I think there is a beginning of everything and everyone,so I believe that every beginning requires a beginner, I don’t want to imagine how that beginner could be or could look like ,but I believe that HE/SHE is powerful and is able to do anything, so that is how I believe in GOD.

What I do then, on new year’s eve, I wait until mid night, I pray GOD ,mostly I thank Him for what He always does to help me and my family and how He kept me  the whole year, I after evaluate myself to check the progress and achievement I have made  and also the losses or bad things that I have done and aim to improve it the present year. Then I either sleep or drink and eat some thing with friends and family if they are present at home.That is it, I would also like to hear about how you celebrate!!!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What causes happiness to some people and sadness to other ?

The Way to Happiness

The Way to Happiness (Photo credit: WikipediaPeople Why ...I am 


sadness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many could ask themselves, why am I  mostly start my post with a question, I mean the tittles of my posts. It IS because I believe that LIFE is full of questions and most of them are not answered, WHY? Because people who are supposed to answer them are just ignorant, greedy or just want things to remain the way they are because they  may be benefit from it and what is chocking the most is that, when it comes to problem solving where they are good in, most of them many times say they are very busy, to the point that they can’t even solve one problem! Can you believe that?

People could just be brave or let say franc and say that they just can’t support each other.  I am talking about the richest people who cannot support the poor, leaders who do not apply what they have been elected or voted for, non responsible parents again who can’t take care of their families. Come on!! We all know that one day, just one time, any of us will go somewhere no body knows and won’t be alive , for ever again, because we all don’t know what is happening down there. But I believe that any one of us wants to be remembered for the good things they have done ,for the people they have helped , for the orphanages they have built, for the street kids they have brought back to school and for many more other things a human being who really think like one, can do for, his/her community,country and to the world in general. So let us get out there and start helping one another, I didn’t mean to make everyone rich, but just provide them the little  thing they need to make a living. Because we don’t know what comes next or even who we they will become in the future or what will happen and what will be your end.By helping children for example; we are building the world. No matter who we are or where we are coming from, let us just do what is wright at the wright time. Because together we can do it.

How can we call LOVE these days?

Love for Arts

Love for Arts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

LOVE is a precious thing, I think anyone agrees with me . But I want us to ask our selves or compare between the new generation LOVE  and our grand parent’s generation LOVE.I believe that there are always good people and bad people ,that is why I do not agree with people who say that women are or men are the only one who are cheating to their partners ,no, never generalize people because there are always exceptions. >>>>>  Let us get back to our topic about how LOVE can be called these days, I talked about technology, because it is also among things that are making people meet but also fight!! I think someone who loves  another one , suppose to be caring, helping ,encouraging , and supporting his/her partner! Why are their many orphans? Not only because of the wars, but also because of fearing responsibilities by some parents ,why there are many divorce  cases?Why there are many fights between couples? Anyone can easily get the answers for those questions.Image

I am not talking about the negative part only, but it is the fact that many of us are just saying or talking to each other about LOVE and we are not acting as people who love each other. I don’t understand how a person can tell you that he/she is in love with you and the day you start dating, trouble begins!! How? By not trusting you , by asking you many questions , by yelling at you , by telling you not to meet some people, by sometimes ordering you what to do, by lying to you , and many other things that started as small things and became a real big issue that can even separate you. Can we call that LOVE? I am not discouraging couples or people  who are jealous, I am also a human being , I think and I can also be jealous sometimes, but it doesn’t mean that, when I am jealous, I will go straight to my partner and start fighting , accusing her or even insulting her without knowing what she is thinking about the situation, I believe that;” aggression and anger can’t solve well a problem than a nice conversation.”

Let us LOVE each other and act like we do.

What is happening is the world?

English: ubuntu for human beings

English: ubuntu for human beings (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Human Use of Human Beings
The Human Use of Human Beings (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Human brain

Human brain (Photo credit: EUSKALANATO)

This morning , after having my breakfast, I had a call from my friend, I couldn’t imagine that because it has been really long time without seeing each other, he was like; “I think I’m gonna go back where I was”! What came in my mind was this;” ok I understand now that anywhere you can be, LIFE can still be good or bad for you, you can always feel as if you don’t belong where  you are any more and want to leave the place.But the other thing is that some times you can keep going around the world without finding where exactly you can fit.Then again, home is always home. Other questions are; what if you don’t have where to call at home? What if you don’t know your home? By saying this, I would like anyone of us to take few seconds and think about those questions before we can try to answer them. It is truly a big problem that the world is facing now. In countries like Somalia,Burundi,Congo,Sudan and many more, the orphans and hunger problems are the main issues.Those children, mothers and fathers are HUMAN BEINGS just like any of us, but the most shocking thing is that all those things are also caused by other human beings and most of the times the most powerful than them. Why can’t we use the power to work together , help each other , support one another, respect each other , love each other and care about each other? Because if you have been hurt one day and feel it, you can’t do it to someone else or want him/her to feel what you felt because you know how bad it is. I believe that LIFE is a journey , if you are well prepared for it, fine , if not fine, but the main thing is how you are doing and how you will finish that journey. Either good or bad!” It will depend on you, use your time , make the wright choice, wright decision at the wright time.”

Hello world!

Welcome to djuma updates! This is your very first post. The reason , I have created this site, is because I had different talks with my friends, family members and other people in my hometown, the conversations were about LIFE and it’s complexity and how people can deal with that to make the world a better place.

So this site is about people’s daily interactions about life, their discussions, thoughts, ideas, and advises about how to live a good life but also not underestimate others.

We will try to provide different stories that includes advises, because we know that, there are some people who can’t even find someone to talk to. So here is the place to share anything that is in your mind.We will also updates some works done by the social work students as well as their internships results and mostly their report and what they think can be done to improve social well being of the society.