Begging for food or money, no one is happy to do it

In life , we all face up and downs, we feel good one day and bad the other day. This is the reality of being alive I guess.

As I was walking on the streets of my home town , I saw different people begging on the streets mostly women with their children, old people and disabled people. I saw this since I was young and it did happen to me too sometimes ago.
I remember at that time there was no food, the war was going on in both countries , Burundi and Rwanda , it was a  tough time as you can imagine.


What I learned from it is that every human being can feel the hunger, either you are young and energetic , fat, big, small, thin, rich,poor or old.
I guess everyone of us has got to the point of saying :” I am really hungry today!”  So I think we all know how it feels like.

So there is no need to make jocks , lough at , or even ignore someone because he or she is asking for food or money.
Before doing that, we should ask ourselves different questions . Imagine you were the person begging, the child or the disabled person, how would you feel like? Would you like to spend everyday of your life sitting on the street whether it is raining or not, dusty or wet , clean or not and beg for money or food?


I know that no one will love to be in that situation. So before judging , ignoring or say something about those people begging , put yourself is their shoes and you will realize how painful it is and how ignored they feel or how disappointed they feel about themselves and their life.
As I just mentioned , LIFE has always its up and downs , so we never know what tomorrow brings because that child can become a big person one day,a leader and I don’t wish any one to be a beggar but may be one day you can be in the same situation he or she is now!


Let’s just don’t dance before the music and let’s appreciate what we have and what we were given and use it to assist and help others so that they can also be grateful and thankful for being alive.


Ask yourself, how much do I value myself and my time!!

First of all , I would like to use this occasion and wish all , my followers , every one else who is positive and like a positive change in his life and any human being in the world “A HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR”, full of great things.

The reason I would like to talk about self worth today, is because of the fact that many people starting from myself, we do not have the ability of taking some times to think about ourselves ,what we are up to, what we want to do and who or what we would like to become in the future. Many people do think they do, but they don’t!

ImageOur life is really precious, that means we should not take it for granted because we live once. Taking some times and think about ourselves will help us not to waste much time doing nothing, it will help us work hard, it will help us achieve more, it will help us grow and be mature,it will help us to be positive and it will help us visualize and imagine the LIFE we are always dreaming about and then work toward it.

ImageWe should also remember that because ” every second, minute, hour, day,week, month and year,that’s passes never comes back”. This is BIG, if we try to imagine , it means that if a day passed you without doing or trying to get or do the best out of it, it is gone!!!According to what almost everyone of us has experienced, we hate to regret when it comes to the time wasted doing nothing after realizing that we could gain too much from it. I understand we do have different experiences, but we are all human beings, so no matter the experience you have been through, still ,you can organize yourself.Image

Try it, just don’t be lazy, starting from your sleeping room for example. Try to organize everything including your clothes,under wears ,papers, shoes ,etc  put then in an order so that whenever you enter your room ,you can see the change, you will tell me how you feel, I know you feel great , why? Because everyone likes to be or to sleep in a nicely made, clean and organized room, isn’t it?  From just that simple example, you all understand now how you can be organized and live your life, imagine you do this every day and in every thing you do, I mean at home, at work and every where. You will then save a lot of time , meet your goals and live the life of your dreams.


Imagination is limitless, this means ,our power is limitless !

Imagine the world for example without things like a watch, clothes , phones , books, lights, furniture, and any other thing you can imagine, LIFE would be without sense , why ? Because we need all those things every day and they help us to enjoy,  be happy because we exist and we live and admire our precious LIFE.

The reason I wanted to talk about how powerful we are and how we can create and be able to make anything that appeared to be impossible because of our imagination that is combined with our creativity ,is because there are always two things people think when they want to decide either they do or don’t do something, that is : ” if I do this , am going to be successful ? And actually many fail to decide and most of the times they go with the negative part that’s says :” don’t do this , it is risky ! What if you fail? ”
I understand , we all have to think before we decide , but we also have to remember that MANY SUCCESSES  RESULT FROM MANY FAILURES!

So we don’t have to fail to try , and I believe that as I said before, imagination is limitless and also powerful , because if people didn’t imagine ,it would be so difficult to do anything .

People imagined a plan and they created it, they imagined a phone and they made it, a TV, a car , a boat , different food and drinks, houses ,etc . This can easily show you that you have the power to create or to make anything possible! But you first have to know what you really want to do and work hard to get it .


As I was doing my job of a waiter at a five star Hotel in my city, it was six in the morning , many times just like any other person , we do not like to wake up really early in the morning when it is cold outside, we feel like staying in the bed because it is warm . But because we are obliged to go to work ,  we wake up and go to work right?

Today , when I started thinking of all that  and getting pissed on how the job makes me so tired every day , how some guest , managers or supervisors can be rude at you etc… I then realize that when you always think negatively , you will always see negative things and you will keep complaining. Then I was like, BUT first, I can breath, I am alive ,I am not sick ,not anyone has the job I have , there are many people who are jobless and can’t even buy lunch for themselves, because of this , I have to be GRATEFUL to have this job, second, I have a 70% health insurance for me and my family paid by the Hotel,I am GRATEFUL for this, I serve people from all over the world and I make many friends who are influential and important in my life and I get tips, I am GRATEFUL for that , I can pay my rent with no problem because I have that job, I am GRATEFUL, I have a son who is healthy, smart , I am really GRATEFUL, so even though some times we are stressed and frustrated , we don’t have to give most of our time , thoughts or much space on negative things done by others, actually we have to know that we also need people in our lives because we can’t achieve any thing on our own.Image We also  them because they also need us .

I believe that both GOOD or BAD people exist, they exist because we always learn from our mistakes or from some else, so bad people exist ,so that you learn from them how not to follow what they do or what they say because it is BAD, and good people exist, so that you can learn from them how to behave, how to be disciplined , how you can be wise, etc….

I know that we don’t have many things to learn from people who are always negative, bad, undisciplined etc… because something bad is easy to do, But there are many ,really many things to learn from good people, wise, intelligent smart, honest, and those who care because great things never disappoint .Image

Let’s start thinking positively , we will see things happening the way we wanted , we can achieve any thing we want to achieve, we can live our dreams and be successful and I guess that is any one of us dreams and let us not just waste our time and our energy  on negative thoughts because no one like to regret or be disappointed .




We didn’t chose them,we love them to death,we hate them sometimes and we take them for granted.Have you not guessed already?dude,its family ! The dictionary defines it as :a social unit consisting of one or more adults together with the children they care .As for me i will speak about my own family because what we have is quite interesting  See,i have 3 beautiful sisters,they mean the world to me but, as for all human being we have our own personnality;some have it low key and for others is just an explosive one.We have both sides in my family and it always leads us to conflicts.Not a day passes without someone bothering someone but we all know at the end of the day ,we’re family so it never lasts;hell,the next day we re goofin around like nothing just happened.


Love is what makes us stick together,that’s what our parents taught us,our african culture obligates us and our heart tells us to do so.In your hard times, lean on them cuz they re the only people that will never judge you.In my country Rwanda,due to our tragic history ,some people have lost all their family ,they re on their own ,unfortunately it happens on a daily basis in a lot of countries , pretty sad huh?that’s why we should cherish our relative ones and pray for them everyday.We live in a connected world fellas, so,a simple phone call,text or a visit wont do harm ; trust me.


                        The Idea of : Yannick Ndazaro


You don’t choose your family.  They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.  ~Desmond Tutu


Life on the streets

Orphans by Thomas Kennington

Orphans by Thomas Kennington (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

"Where there is love there is life."

“Where there is love there is life.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Prostitute (Photo credit: T0rnquist)

First of all, i’ll start by saying i’m grateful for the life that God has given me. I’ve seen things and i’ve met alot of people that have been tested and put down in life and yet they carry on. Honestly the biggest test in my life has been having to decide how to get along with my family, while others don’t even have families. You might find yourself upset today because you do not have the money to buy the basics for your family or the priciest watch for your significant other, but really you do not realize how irrelevant these things are till you meet someone that’s walking in a completely different light. The little things we complain about distract us from all the things we should be thankful for. if u have no family, be glad you are alive, if you have no food, be glad you atleast have the opportunity to go find some. Even when you feel like you have hit rock bottom, giving up should never ever be an option. When it comes down to it,  i’m trying to shed light on the less fortunate, the people that continue to push even when it seems like they are up against a gigantic wall that will never move. The young girls on the streets, forced to think that hell is a place called home, the junkies who reckon drugs are the only way out, these are people that need hope, and for them to get the hope they so desperately need, they must at first have someone to believe in them.   I know i started off talking about how fortunate i am, and how we must appreciate the little things in life… my point is… your life may seem bad right now, but suck it up because somebody’s life is worse. Keep pushing, keep on moving and if someone out there needs a helping hand, come on… all it takes is belief to make a person fight. Believe in these young girls on the streets, the jumkies, the beggars… TRY to give someone hope, because the trash today maybe the stars tomorrow. Think about it. As you read this, realise… You have something to be grateful for. We all do, some of us just have more than the rest do but at the end of the day… what goes around comes back around… today maybe dark, but tomorrow could possibly be brighter than you ever expected. Hope, Belief and Gratitude is all takes.  What I normally tell myself when things get rough is ‘PUSH’ Which means, Pray Until Something Happens . Try it. GOD

Bless .

Inspired by : Ashleigh Marley Richardson


We do not regret for the time spent doing right things, BUT , we do when the time is wasted doing bad things

Quarterly Gross Domestic Product (year-on-year...

Quarterly Gross Domestic Product (year-on-year growth in real GDP) and Unemployment Rate (simple monthly average) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I woke up this morning with a great mood, amazing, the day was sunny, and most importantly , it was my day off work. So I had plenty of time to do my own things and relax at home.

After having my break fast, I checked some things on internet, what surprised me is that how LIFE can be really complex . As I said before I had a good mood, then suddenly after reading and watching some videos and news, I felt bad and my heart was a bit broken, because I realized how the world is changing now, I am talking about how the people are changing, physically and mentally,the weather , etc…

Burkitt's LymphomaUs people, are no longer afraid of disappointing or lying, our friends, families and partners or children. I was scared after taking some time to think about all these things that are changing the world.
Stress, at work,at the streets , at home and now it is becoming part of our daily life and most of the times can even kill us. I think that is why many people don’t live longer than it used to be. All these changes are showing that, there is a great development in the whole world, BUT, the truth behind development ,technology, economic growth etc.., is that it is not going to be PARADISE as many of us think, few people will have access to good thing and many will be the victims of the climate changes, unemployment

Graham Cancer Center Expansion 5

Graham Cancer Center Expansion 5 (Photo credit: Christiana Care)

, chemicals , food poison , deforestation, wars, and other diseases that come through technology like CANCER for example.

It is true , most of the times we don’t talk about it because of the benefit we get from those things, but CANCER can be gotten from electronics or machines and others, ex: Cell phones , Air Conditioners ,….
As I always say , there will always be great and bad people and we are obliged to live with anyone, either bad or good. So let’s just try to avoid what is not right either for yourself or to others and try to do what is right even though no one is perfect.
By doing so, I believe that we wont regret for the time spent.

Please , If you have another experience, advise or true story either your own or other’s you want to share, we will be more than pleased to hear from you, because we all know that anyone has got a experience or story to share which is unique.

Have a nice read.

Death , Hunger & Shame: What do you fear the most?

English: Starved prisoners, nearly dead from h...

English: Starved prisoners, nearly dead from hunger, pose in concentration camp in Ebensee, Austria. The camp was reputedly used for “scientific” experiments. It was liberated by the 80th Division. Deutsch: Unterernährte Gefangene, fast tot vor Hunger, weil Essen knapp war, posieren im Konzentrationslager Ebensee, Österreich. Das Lager wurde angeblich für “wissenschaftliche” Experimente verwendet. Es wurde von der 80. Division befreit. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Let’s talk about Death, most of the times, I ask myself , why some people are dying? And where are they going? So what is next? Sometimes, I realize that life is too short, no matter how many years we spend and only people who have spent their lives doing bad things will suffer at the end , because there is no good end for bad people. I am not preaching , I am just saying so because I have experienced that, for example when you steel some thing from someone else, I know you do not feel good and you can end up in jail which is also a worst place that anyone of us could ever dream to be, that is a small example.

My point is; if all of us could always think about our end and how it will be or how we wish it to be , then ,we will know how to treat each other, how to help each other. I am always surprised, when every day people are DYING or KILLING each other everywhere in this world , when all of us are watching , they are not ashamed of what they are doing, but when they make what we can call LOVE , right things or the good thing that is supposed to be done, they hide, how can you explain that? I am also sure that people who are doing those evil things don’t take sometimes to think about themselves , because then they could find out how important is life to any of us. Let’s just be clean and do clean things.somalia-days

Hunger ; When it comes to this one, everyone gives respect, why? because even a giant, the best athletes , the best leaders , students, the smartest people ,etc…. need to EAT in order to do what they have to, so once you are hungry , also the brain cannot work properly. I am totally convinced that anyone of us fear hunger, so if we all think about that , people who have got a lot of food are not supposed to throw it in the dust bin , because they can share it with those who don’t have.

end of life...!

end of life…! (Photo credit: { pranav })

Shame ; Some other thing that I believe it comes from doing bad, is to be ashamed by what we have done, of course it has to be wrong, because we cannot be ashamed by somethings we did right. As I said before, we are not supposed to be ashamed for ourselves , we are supposed to be proud of ourselves. Once we are proud ,we can do what is right. I did not say much about this topic, but I hope you all understand my point of view. As a big road , LIFE needs to be taken as a precious thing because; ” when it is gone, it never returns”.

Sometimes,We remember our past because We want a better future.

I first would like to greet you with respect and love that I have to all of you, young and old people, all the followers and readers of my posts all over the globe, I hope you are doing great, and if not, don’t worry, that is LIFE, everything will be alright.

Refugee camp for Rwandans located in what is n...

Refugee camp for Rwandans located in what is now eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo following the Rwandan Genocide. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I chose this title because every one of us has a story to tell, about his/her past, no matter how it was, either BAD or GOOD. I was talking with some of my friends and I din’t know he had such a nice , interesting and inspiring story to tell. Just like many of us, if you don’t know where am coming from, I am from Rwanda,at this period of the year, We REMEMBER, my aim is not to talk about the 19th commemoration of the Genocide, any way, my friend was a Rwandan refugee that was born in Burundi, life wasn’t easy, the family was poor, His father managed to pay for his school fees just for four years, I am talking about four years in primary school and then because of the family conflicts , he left them with their mother and four siblings and disappeared ,they never seen him again, so he doesn’t really know about his father.


Rwanda (Photo credit:

At that time, being a mother who, first is a Rwandan refugee, second, poor because she did not have a good level of education that can help her to get at least a salary. She had a friend who was known by some rich people, her friend got her a job of a seller , she started selling baby’s clothes , but ,because the salary wasn’t enough to cover her daily and family expenses, she ended up loosing some money, the boss reported her to police and she got arrested and spent two years in prison.  “Imagine I was just like 9 or ten years old! ” my friend mentioned. He couldn’t tell me all the details, he was just like: after all those two years spent without studying, at the street, looking for someone who can help, finally  his mother was released ,then she planed to move to Rwanda because the war was almost finished.

Cover of "Bad (Aerial Fiction)"

Cover of Bad (Aerial Fiction)

In Rwanda, also the LIFE was not promising, He spent another year without going to school, after that year one man  helped him and took him back to school, after five years studying, he started hoping that the future may be bright and great if he work harder , the man who was helping him was a foreigner who was working in Rwanda, his contract got terminated,and he returned back to his country, Studying became again a bit hard for the guy because he couldn’t afford to pay the school fees, he was then fired just before one year to finish his secondary school . LIFE is not fair sometimes, he spent again another year without studying, trying to get back in normal life and find a job  which was not easy at that age and the education level. Cover of Bad (Aerial Fiction)

Because he was an athlete, he loved sport, was playing for his school team, other schools or sport officer did recognize him and they   cold him and ask him if he was interested to study to a Catholic school and play for their school team, He said yes. He went back to that school where he even finished his secondary  school studies with good marks. He also went to university for one year and now he has a job that is much much better; he said ! He also hopes that he will own a business, help his family ,his country and the world because he said : ” Even if you have been through terrible things, a bad past or other bad experiences, you can always make the world a better place for you and for every one”.

How many people do you really trust?

In this world, people are different, that is why there are many languages, many cultures, many religions etc.. So today I thought about things in LIFE  and how us people do to overcome problems .

Closeup of a female speaking outside on a cell...

Closeup of a female speaking outside on a cell phone. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Any of us is responsible of him/herself. Starting to myself, I was born and grow in a poor family, some times , I blamed my parents, but it is not their fault because they did not have a choice. Their LIFE wasn’t so difficult than it is now because they were not so many and not so developed to pollute the atmosphere , not many disasters because technology wasn’t that   developed. I don’t say development is a bad thing ,but it changes things both in a good way and a bad way, that is the reality. I believe that,at that time people did even TRUST , LOVE  and HELP each other,people used to commit crimes or did other bad things for example killing each other, in many cases they were forced to do that , either by the government, powerful people or people they TRUST.

Children Playing

Children Playing (Photo credit: Graham Crumb)

In my opinion, I think some people , especially bad leaders  slowly developed a culture of lying to the people and made it very wise because they didn’t want some one else to find out that they are lying to the people. Slowly , every one was lying and take it easy, I can give you an example, not every one is lying while talking on the cell phone, but many do, like here in my country, someone can tell you that he is on his  way coming and you wait for him for an hour when he supposed to be there in ten minutes, also many parents like to lie to their children by saying that it is not good to tell everything to the children. If my parents lied to me about my past, how shall I know who I am? Which identity should I have? I don’t think lying is a good thing because it the start of other bad things. The more you lie to the children,  your friends or your  neighbors ,the more you showing them how they will do them same to you and to others.


Health (Photo credit: 401(K) 2013)

What can we do now to build up TRUST again, we need to trust someone to feel secure, free and understood. I always feel so bad when I lied to any person, I feel guilty.But the very problem is that ” We don’t know who to TRUST these days” and the good thing is that there always some one special, so may be you are the special one .