Begging for food or money, no one is happy to do it

In life , we all face up and downs, we feel good one day and bad the other day. This is the reality of being alive I guess.

As I was walking on the streets of my home town , I saw different people begging on the streets mostly women with their children, old people and disabled people. I saw this since I was young and it did happen to me too sometimes ago.
I remember at that time there was no food, the war was going on in both countries , Burundi and Rwanda , it was a  tough time as you can imagine.


What I learned from it is that every human being can feel the hunger, either you are young and energetic , fat, big, small, thin, rich,poor or old.
I guess everyone of us has got to the point of saying :” I am really hungry today!”  So I think we all know how it feels like.

So there is no need to make jocks , lough at , or even ignore someone because he or she is asking for food or money.
Before doing that, we should ask ourselves different questions . Imagine you were the person begging, the child or the disabled person, how would you feel like? Would you like to spend everyday of your life sitting on the street whether it is raining or not, dusty or wet , clean or not and beg for money or food?


I know that no one will love to be in that situation. So before judging , ignoring or say something about those people begging , put yourself is their shoes and you will realize how painful it is and how ignored they feel or how disappointed they feel about themselves and their life.
As I just mentioned , LIFE has always its up and downs , so we never know what tomorrow brings because that child can become a big person one day,a leader and I don’t wish any one to be a beggar but may be one day you can be in the same situation he or she is now!


Let’s just don’t dance before the music and let’s appreciate what we have and what we were given and use it to assist and help others so that they can also be grateful and thankful for being alive.


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