Ask yourself, how much do I value myself and my time!!

First of all , I would like to use this occasion and wish all , my followers , every one else who is positive and like a positive change in his life and any human being in the world “A HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR”, full of great things.

The reason I would like to talk about self worth today, is because of the fact that many people starting from myself, we do not have the ability of taking some times to think about ourselves ,what we are up to, what we want to do and who or what we would like to become in the future. Many people do think they do, but they don’t!

ImageOur life is really precious, that means we should not take it for granted because we live once. Taking some times and think about ourselves will help us not to waste much time doing nothing, it will help us work hard, it will help us achieve more, it will help us grow and be mature,it will help us to be positive and it will help us visualize and imagine the LIFE we are always dreaming about and then work toward it.

ImageWe should also remember that because ” every second, minute, hour, day,week, month and year,that’s passes never comes back”. This is BIG, if we try to imagine , it means that if a day passed you without doing or trying to get or do the best out of it, it is gone!!!According to what almost everyone of us has experienced, we hate to regret when it comes to the time wasted doing nothing after realizing that we could gain too much from it. I understand we do have different experiences, but we are all human beings, so no matter the experience you have been through, still ,you can organize yourself.Image

Try it, just don’t be lazy, starting from your sleeping room for example. Try to organize everything including your clothes,under wears ,papers, shoes ,etc  put then in an order so that whenever you enter your room ,you can see the change, you will tell me how you feel, I know you feel great , why? Because everyone likes to be or to sleep in a nicely made, clean and organized room, isn’t it?  From just that simple example, you all understand now how you can be organized and live your life, imagine you do this every day and in every thing you do, I mean at home, at work and every where. You will then save a lot of time , meet your goals and live the life of your dreams.



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