Imagination is limitless, this means ,our power is limitless !

Imagine the world for example without things like a watch, clothes , phones , books, lights, furniture, and any other thing you can imagine, LIFE would be without sense , why ? Because we need all those things every day and they help us to enjoy,  be happy because we exist and we live and admire our precious LIFE.

The reason I wanted to talk about how powerful we are and how we can create and be able to make anything that appeared to be impossible because of our imagination that is combined with our creativity ,is because there are always two things people think when they want to decide either they do or don’t do something, that is : ” if I do this , am going to be successful ? And actually many fail to decide and most of the times they go with the negative part that’s says :” don’t do this , it is risky ! What if you fail? ”
I understand , we all have to think before we decide , but we also have to remember that MANY SUCCESSES  RESULT FROM MANY FAILURES!

So we don’t have to fail to try , and I believe that as I said before, imagination is limitless and also powerful , because if people didn’t imagine ,it would be so difficult to do anything .

People imagined a plan and they created it, they imagined a phone and they made it, a TV, a car , a boat , different food and drinks, houses ,etc . This can easily show you that you have the power to create or to make anything possible! But you first have to know what you really want to do and work hard to get it .


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