As I was doing my job of a waiter at a five star Hotel in my city, it was six in the morning , many times just like any other person , we do not like to wake up really early in the morning when it is cold outside, we feel like staying in the bed because it is warm . But because we are obliged to go to work ,  we wake up and go to work right?

Today , when I started thinking of all that  and getting pissed on how the job makes me so tired every day , how some guest , managers or supervisors can be rude at you etc… I then realize that when you always think negatively , you will always see negative things and you will keep complaining. Then I was like, BUT first, I can breath, I am alive ,I am not sick ,not anyone has the job I have , there are many people who are jobless and can’t even buy lunch for themselves, because of this , I have to be GRATEFUL to have this job, second, I have a 70% health insurance for me and my family paid by the Hotel,I am GRATEFUL for this, I serve people from all over the world and I make many friends who are influential and important in my life and I get tips, I am GRATEFUL for that , I can pay my rent with no problem because I have that job, I am GRATEFUL, I have a son who is healthy, smart , I am really GRATEFUL, so even though some times we are stressed and frustrated , we don’t have to give most of our time , thoughts or much space on negative things done by others, actually we have to know that we also need people in our lives because we can’t achieve any thing on our own.Image We also  them because they also need us .

I believe that both GOOD or BAD people exist, they exist because we always learn from our mistakes or from some else, so bad people exist ,so that you learn from them how not to follow what they do or what they say because it is BAD, and good people exist, so that you can learn from them how to behave, how to be disciplined , how you can be wise, etc….

I know that we don’t have many things to learn from people who are always negative, bad, undisciplined etc… because something bad is easy to do, But there are many ,really many things to learn from good people, wise, intelligent smart, honest, and those who care because great things never disappoint .Image

Let’s start thinking positively , we will see things happening the way we wanted , we can achieve any thing we want to achieve, we can live our dreams and be successful and I guess that is any one of us dreams and let us not just waste our time and our energy  on negative thoughts because no one like to regret or be disappointed .



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