Life on the streets

Orphans by Thomas Kennington

Orphans by Thomas Kennington (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

"Where there is love there is life."

“Where there is love there is life.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Prostitute (Photo credit: T0rnquist)

First of all, i’ll start by saying i’m grateful for the life that God has given me. I’ve seen things and i’ve met alot of people that have been tested and put down in life and yet they carry on. Honestly the biggest test in my life has been having to decide how to get along with my family, while others don’t even have families. You might find yourself upset today because you do not have the money to buy the basics for your family or the priciest watch for your significant other, but really you do not realize how irrelevant these things are till you meet someone that’s walking in a completely different light. The little things we complain about distract us from all the things we should be thankful for. if u have no family, be glad you are alive, if you have no food, be glad you atleast have the opportunity to go find some. Even when you feel like you have hit rock bottom, giving up should never ever be an option. When it comes down to it,  i’m trying to shed light on the less fortunate, the people that continue to push even when it seems like they are up against a gigantic wall that will never move. The young girls on the streets, forced to think that hell is a place called home, the junkies who reckon drugs are the only way out, these are people that need hope, and for them to get the hope they so desperately need, they must at first have someone to believe in them.   I know i started off talking about how fortunate i am, and how we must appreciate the little things in life… my point is… your life may seem bad right now, but suck it up because somebody’s life is worse. Keep pushing, keep on moving and if someone out there needs a helping hand, come on… all it takes is belief to make a person fight. Believe in these young girls on the streets, the jumkies, the beggars… TRY to give someone hope, because the trash today maybe the stars tomorrow. Think about it. As you read this, realise… You have something to be grateful for. We all do, some of us just have more than the rest do but at the end of the day… what goes around comes back around… today maybe dark, but tomorrow could possibly be brighter than you ever expected. Hope, Belief and Gratitude is all takes.  What I normally tell myself when things get rough is ‘PUSH’ Which means, Pray Until Something Happens . Try it. GOD

Bless .

Inspired by : Ashleigh Marley Richardson



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