We do not regret for the time spent doing right things, BUT , we do when the time is wasted doing bad things

Quarterly Gross Domestic Product (year-on-year...

Quarterly Gross Domestic Product (year-on-year growth in real GDP) and Unemployment Rate (simple monthly average) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I woke up this morning with a great mood, amazing, the day was sunny, and most importantly , it was my day off work. So I had plenty of time to do my own things and relax at home.

After having my break fast, I checked some things on internet, what surprised me is that how LIFE can be really complex . As I said before I had a good mood, then suddenly after reading and watching some videos and news, I felt bad and my heart was a bit broken, because I realized how the world is changing now, I am talking about how the people are changing, physically and mentally,the weather , etc…

Burkitt's LymphomaUs people, are no longer afraid of disappointing or lying, our friends, families and partners or children. I was scared after taking some time to think about all these things that are changing the world.
Stress, at work,at the streets , at home and now it is becoming part of our daily life and most of the times can even kill us. I think that is why many people don’t live longer than it used to be. All these changes are showing that, there is a great development in the whole world, BUT, the truth behind development ,technology, economic growth etc.., is that it is not going to be PARADISE as many of us think, few people will have access to good thing and many will be the victims of the climate changes, unemployment

Graham Cancer Center Expansion 5

Graham Cancer Center Expansion 5 (Photo credit: Christiana Care)

, chemicals , food poison , deforestation, wars, and other diseases that come through technology like CANCER for example.

It is true , most of the times we don’t talk about it because of the benefit we get from those things, but CANCER can be gotten from electronics or machines and others, ex: Cell phones , Air Conditioners ,….
As I always say , there will always be great and bad people and we are obliged to live with anyone, either bad or good. So let’s just try to avoid what is not right either for yourself or to others and try to do what is right even though no one is perfect.
By doing so, I believe that we wont regret for the time spent.

Please , If you have another experience, advise or true story either your own or other’s you want to share, we will be more than pleased to hear from you, because we all know that anyone has got a experience or story to share which is unique.

Have a nice read.


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