Death , Hunger & Shame: What do you fear the most?

English: Starved prisoners, nearly dead from h...

English: Starved prisoners, nearly dead from hunger, pose in concentration camp in Ebensee, Austria. The camp was reputedly used for “scientific” experiments. It was liberated by the 80th Division. Deutsch: Unterernährte Gefangene, fast tot vor Hunger, weil Essen knapp war, posieren im Konzentrationslager Ebensee, Österreich. Das Lager wurde angeblich für “wissenschaftliche” Experimente verwendet. Es wurde von der 80. Division befreit. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Let’s talk about Death, most of the times, I ask myself , why some people are dying? And where are they going? So what is next? Sometimes, I realize that life is too short, no matter how many years we spend and only people who have spent their lives doing bad things will suffer at the end , because there is no good end for bad people. I am not preaching , I am just saying so because I have experienced that, for example when you steel some thing from someone else, I know you do not feel good and you can end up in jail which is also a worst place that anyone of us could ever dream to be, that is a small example.

My point is; if all of us could always think about our end and how it will be or how we wish it to be , then ,we will know how to treat each other, how to help each other. I am always surprised, when every day people are DYING or KILLING each other everywhere in this world , when all of us are watching , they are not ashamed of what they are doing, but when they make what we can call LOVE , right things or the good thing that is supposed to be done, they hide, how can you explain that? I am also sure that people who are doing those evil things don’t take sometimes to think about themselves , because then they could find out how important is life to any of us. Let’s just be clean and do clean things.somalia-days

Hunger ; When it comes to this one, everyone gives respect, why? because even a giant, the best athletes , the best leaders , students, the smartest people ,etc…. need to EAT in order to do what they have to, so once you are hungry , also the brain cannot work properly. I am totally convinced that anyone of us fear hunger, so if we all think about that , people who have got a lot of food are not supposed to throw it in the dust bin , because they can share it with those who don’t have.

end of life...!

end of life…! (Photo credit: { pranav })

Shame ; Some other thing that I believe it comes from doing bad, is to be ashamed by what we have done, of course it has to be wrong, because we cannot be ashamed by somethings we did right. As I said before, we are not supposed to be ashamed for ourselves , we are supposed to be proud of ourselves. Once we are proud ,we can do what is right. I did not say much about this topic, but I hope you all understand my point of view. As a big road , LIFE needs to be taken as a precious thing because; ” when it is gone, it never returns”.


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