Sometimes,We remember our past because We want a better future.

I first would like to greet you with respect and love that I have to all of you, young and old people, all the followers and readers of my posts all over the globe, I hope you are doing great, and if not, don’t worry, that is LIFE, everything will be alright.

Refugee camp for Rwandans located in what is n...

Refugee camp for Rwandans located in what is now eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo following the Rwandan Genocide. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I chose this title because every one of us has a story to tell, about his/her past, no matter how it was, either BAD or GOOD. I was talking with some of my friends and I din’t know he had such a nice , interesting and inspiring story to tell. Just like many of us, if you don’t know where am coming from, I am from Rwanda,at this period of the year, We REMEMBER, my aim is not to talk about the 19th commemoration of the Genocide, any way, my friend was a Rwandan refugee that was born in Burundi, life wasn’t easy, the family was poor, His father managed to pay for his school fees just for four years, I am talking about four years in primary school and then because of the family conflicts , he left them with their mother and four siblings and disappeared ,they never seen him again, so he doesn’t really know about his father.


Rwanda (Photo credit:

At that time, being a mother who, first is a Rwandan refugee, second, poor because she did not have a good level of education that can help her to get at least a salary. She had a friend who was known by some rich people, her friend got her a job of a seller , she started selling baby’s clothes , but ,because the salary wasn’t enough to cover her daily and family expenses, she ended up loosing some money, the boss reported her to police and she got arrested and spent two years in prison.  “Imagine I was just like 9 or ten years old! ” my friend mentioned. He couldn’t tell me all the details, he was just like: after all those two years spent without studying, at the street, looking for someone who can help, finally  his mother was released ,then she planed to move to Rwanda because the war was almost finished.

Cover of "Bad (Aerial Fiction)"

Cover of Bad (Aerial Fiction)

In Rwanda, also the LIFE was not promising, He spent another year without going to school, after that year one man  helped him and took him back to school, after five years studying, he started hoping that the future may be bright and great if he work harder , the man who was helping him was a foreigner who was working in Rwanda, his contract got terminated,and he returned back to his country, Studying became again a bit hard for the guy because he couldn’t afford to pay the school fees, he was then fired just before one year to finish his secondary school . LIFE is not fair sometimes, he spent again another year without studying, trying to get back in normal life and find a job  which was not easy at that age and the education level. Cover of Bad (Aerial Fiction)

Because he was an athlete, he loved sport, was playing for his school team, other schools or sport officer did recognize him and they   cold him and ask him if he was interested to study to a Catholic school and play for their school team, He said yes. He went back to that school where he even finished his secondary  school studies with good marks. He also went to university for one year and now he has a job that is much much better; he said ! He also hopes that he will own a business, help his family ,his country and the world because he said : ” Even if you have been through terrible things, a bad past or other bad experiences, you can always make the world a better place for you and for every one”.


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