How many people do you really trust?

In this world, people are different, that is why there are many languages, many cultures, many religions etc.. So today I thought about things in LIFE  and how us people do to overcome problems .

Closeup of a female speaking outside on a cell...

Closeup of a female speaking outside on a cell phone. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Any of us is responsible of him/herself. Starting to myself, I was born and grow in a poor family, some times , I blamed my parents, but it is not their fault because they did not have a choice. Their LIFE wasn’t so difficult than it is now because they were not so many and not so developed to pollute the atmosphere , not many disasters because technology wasn’t that   developed. I don’t say development is a bad thing ,but it changes things both in a good way and a bad way, that is the reality. I believe that,at that time people did even TRUST , LOVE  and HELP each other,people used to commit crimes or did other bad things for example killing each other, in many cases they were forced to do that , either by the government, powerful people or people they TRUST.

Children Playing

Children Playing (Photo credit: Graham Crumb)

In my opinion, I think some people , especially bad leaders  slowly developed a culture of lying to the people and made it very wise because they didn’t want some one else to find out that they are lying to the people. Slowly , every one was lying and take it easy, I can give you an example, not every one is lying while talking on the cell phone, but many do, like here in my country, someone can tell you that he is on his  way coming and you wait for him for an hour when he supposed to be there in ten minutes, also many parents like to lie to their children by saying that it is not good to tell everything to the children. If my parents lied to me about my past, how shall I know who I am? Which identity should I have? I don’t think lying is a good thing because it the start of other bad things. The more you lie to the children,  your friends or your  neighbors ,the more you showing them how they will do them same to you and to others.


Health (Photo credit: 401(K) 2013)

What can we do now to build up TRUST again, we need to trust someone to feel secure, free and understood. I always feel so bad when I lied to any person, I feel guilty.But the very problem is that ” We don’t know who to TRUST these days” and the good thing is that there always some one special, so may be you are the special one .


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