Happy new YEAR!!! How will we celebrate??

English: Christmas Eve in Bulgaria Български: ...

English: Christmas Eve in Bulgaria Български: Бъдни вечер (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Religion Stencil

Religion Stencil (Photo credit: murdelta)

English: Fireworks over Copenhagen the night b...

English: Fireworks over Copenhagen the night before New Year’s Eve (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I always ask myself ” why does everybody celebrate on Christmas eve or new year’s eve”? Is there any thing behind it? Never mind, my point is this; will you celebrate? Why will you do so?

Many people do celebrate including myself ,but differently, some are in churches, mosques, temples or other religious places, others are meeting in parties, night clubs, bars or restaurants and some others are just at home sleeping, watching a TV show as though nothing is special,just like any other day.I mostly at home when some people are out there waiting for the fire waxes at mid night,what I do is , praying, I am not very religious because I do not go to church or mosque etc, I used to but now after some times being religious and always thinking about who is right and who is wrong,after being through many situations in life,I realized that ” A HUMAN BEING IS JUST A HUMAN BEING”,what one is different to the other is their behavior ,attitude, hope, care, positiveness, brightness,smartness, and other positive act in the society no matter who you are or where you are from.

Now my religious point of view is different. I believe in GOD ,because I think there is a beginning of everything and everyone,so I believe that every beginning requires a beginner, I don’t want to imagine how that beginner could be or could look like ,but I believe that HE/SHE is powerful and is able to do anything, so that is how I believe in GOD.

What I do then, on new year’s eve, I wait until mid night, I pray GOD ,mostly I thank Him for what He always does to help me and my family and how He kept me  the whole year, I after evaluate myself to check the progress and achievement I have made  and also the losses or bad things that I have done and aim to improve it the present year. Then I either sleep or drink and eat some thing with friends and family if they are present at home.That is it, I would also like to hear about how you celebrate!!!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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