What causes happiness to some people and sadness to other ?

The Way to Happiness

The Way to Happiness (Photo credit: WikipediaPeople Why ...I am 


sadness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many could ask themselves, why am I  mostly start my post with a question, I mean the tittles of my posts. It IS because I believe that LIFE is full of questions and most of them are not answered, WHY? Because people who are supposed to answer them are just ignorant, greedy or just want things to remain the way they are because they  may be benefit from it and what is chocking the most is that, when it comes to problem solving where they are good in, most of them many times say they are very busy, to the point that they can’t even solve one problem! Can you believe that?

People could just be brave or let say franc and say that they just can’t support each other.  I am talking about the richest people who cannot support the poor, leaders who do not apply what they have been elected or voted for, non responsible parents again who can’t take care of their families. Come on!! We all know that one day, just one time, any of us will go somewhere no body knows and won’t be alive , for ever again, because we all don’t know what is happening down there. But I believe that any one of us wants to be remembered for the good things they have done ,for the people they have helped , for the orphanages they have built, for the street kids they have brought back to school and for many more other things a human being who really think like one, can do for, his/her community,country and to the world in general. So let us get out there and start helping one another, I didn’t mean to make everyone rich, but just provide them the little  thing they need to make a living. Because we don’t know what comes next or even who we they will become in the future or what will happen and what will be your end.By helping children for example; we are building the world. No matter who we are or where we are coming from, let us just do what is wright at the wright time. Because together we can do it.


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