How can we call LOVE these days?

Love for Arts

Love for Arts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

LOVE is a precious thing, I think anyone agrees with me . But I want us to ask our selves or compare between the new generation LOVE  and our grand parent’s generation LOVE.I believe that there are always good people and bad people ,that is why I do not agree with people who say that women are or men are the only one who are cheating to their partners ,no, never generalize people because there are always exceptions. >>>>>  Let us get back to our topic about how LOVE can be called these days, I talked about technology, because it is also among things that are making people meet but also fight!! I think someone who loves  another one , suppose to be caring, helping ,encouraging , and supporting his/her partner! Why are their many orphans? Not only because of the wars, but also because of fearing responsibilities by some parents ,why there are many divorce  cases?Why there are many fights between couples? Anyone can easily get the answers for those questions.Image

I am not talking about the negative part only, but it is the fact that many of us are just saying or talking to each other about LOVE and we are not acting as people who love each other. I don’t understand how a person can tell you that he/she is in love with you and the day you start dating, trouble begins!! How? By not trusting you , by asking you many questions , by yelling at you , by telling you not to meet some people, by sometimes ordering you what to do, by lying to you , and many other things that started as small things and became a real big issue that can even separate you. Can we call that LOVE? I am not discouraging couples or people  who are jealous, I am also a human being , I think and I can also be jealous sometimes, but it doesn’t mean that, when I am jealous, I will go straight to my partner and start fighting , accusing her or even insulting her without knowing what she is thinking about the situation, I believe that;” aggression and anger can’t solve well a problem than a nice conversation.”

Let us LOVE each other and act like we do.


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