What is happening is the world?

English: ubuntu for human beings

English: ubuntu for human beings (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Human Use of Human Beings
The Human Use of Human Beings (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Human brain

Human brain (Photo credit: EUSKALANATO)

This morning , after having my breakfast, I had a call from my friend, I couldn’t imagine that because it has been really long time without seeing each other, he was like; “I think I’m gonna go back where I was”! What came in my mind was this;” ok I understand now that anywhere you can be, LIFE can still be good or bad for you, you can always feel as if you don’t belong where  you are any more and want to leave the place.But the other thing is that some times you can keep going around the world without finding where exactly you can fit.Then again, home is always home. Other questions are; what if you don’t have where to call at home? What if you don’t know your home? By saying this, I would like anyone of us to take few seconds and think about those questions before we can try to answer them. It is truly a big problem that the world is facing now. In countries like Somalia,Burundi,Congo,Sudan and many more, the orphans and hunger problems are the main issues.Those children, mothers and fathers are HUMAN BEINGS just like any of us, but the most shocking thing is that all those things are also caused by other human beings and most of the times the most powerful than them. Why can’t we use the power to work together , help each other , support one another, respect each other , love each other and care about each other? Because if you have been hurt one day and feel it, you can’t do it to someone else or want him/her to feel what you felt because you know how bad it is. I believe that LIFE is a journey , if you are well prepared for it, fine , if not fine, but the main thing is how you are doing and how you will finish that journey. Either good or bad!” It will depend on you, use your time , make the wright choice, wright decision at the wright time.”


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